Fitness LEDCare technology

The Fitness LEDCare is a therapeutic device incorporating the best scientific knowledge and LED technology developed in collaboration with researchers from the University of Sherbrooke. The Fitness LEDCare is designed based on High Power LED offering you the best choice for a warm-up before activity or post-workout. The ultimate relaxation pause to recover after your session, or a great way to get energized before training or a competition.

  • Non-invasive, without side effects.
  • Treats the back and front simultaneously.
  • Works deeply all muscles and joints for a soothing feeling.


A treatment for muscles and joints that acts deeply

The Fitness LEDCare penetrates the epidermis and goes to the depths of the dermis to reach the muscle cells. Stimulated blood circulation leads to increased oxygenation of the cells and releases antioxidant enzymes that reduce inflammation and stimulates the immune system for relief of muscle and joint pain and reduce inflammation.

Prepare your body for training

The close to infra-red light of the Fitness LEDCare High Power LED helps prepare muscles for an activity, helping to prevent accidents during strenuous physical periods. At the end of a session, The Fitness LEDCare helps attain quiescence and accelerates the process of tissue regeneration, allowing you to maximize every effort of your training.




Recovery time for your muscles and joints

The Fitness LEDCare, it is a motivation, a reward … the calm before the storm or the return to calm after an effort. Whether before or after your workout, you’ll be delighted to feel the action of light on your muscles. It’s like having your own personal massage therapist after each session.




Ask your gym for the LEDCare products