The Physio LEDCare+ technology

The Physio LEDCare+ is a multi-therapeutic apparatus incorporating the best scientific knowledge and LED technology developed in collaboration with researchers from the University of Sherbrooke. The Physio LEDCare+’s design is based on two types of High Power LEDs and offers two treatments simultaneously relief of muscle and joint pain and healing of scars. The specific assemblage of these two types of LED’s in carefully studied doses increases the result’s effectiveness while offering two treatments in one. A UNIQUE IN THE WORLD equipment as it addresses not only the face but the entire body, front and back simultaneously.

  • Results from the first session
  • Non-invasive, without side effects
  • Treats the back and front simultaneously
  • Two treatments in one, relief of muscle and joint pain and healing of scars


An in-depth treatment for muscles and joints.

The light emitted by the High Power LEDs in the Physio LEDCare + penetrates the epidermis and goes to the depths of the dermis to reach the muscle cells. Stimulated blood circulation leads to increased oxygenation of the cells and release of antioxidant enzymes that reduce inflammation and stimulates the immune system for relief of muscle and joint pain. The ultimate relaxation to promote recovery after an exercise or as a great way to get energized before training or a competition. The light acts at the heart of the cell to wake its activity; It is as if the light was teaching the cell to relearn how to breathe.

A perfect complement to your treatment.

Prior to your treatment, the anti-inflammatory action of High Power LEDs facilitate manipulations. After your treatment, it will complement the beneficial effect of it by reducing pain and stimulating healing. After the massage, anti-inflammatory and relaxing action of High Power LEDs provide an unparalleled wellness for your patients.



Cell renewal to help scars heal.

While the Physio LEDCare+ works by stimulating cell renewal, it can also treat many skin problems such as stretch marks and improve scars healing.

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Ask your physiotherapist or sports health provider for LEDCare products