Regen LEDCare technology.

The Regen LEDCare is a device incorporating the best scientific knowledge and LED technology developed in collaboration with researchers from the University of Sherbrooke. A few minutes invested in one of our Regen LEDCare devices allow you to recover your vitality and energy. The well-being provided by this relaxing break will enable you to face your hectic schedule … Whatever your occupation.

  • Results from the first session
  • Non-invasive, without side effects
  • Treats the back and front simultaneously


An upsurge, a renewal.

Like a fountain of energy, Regen LEDCare allows your body to recover after long journeys and hard days. Nothing can describe the effect of well-being felt after a few minutes of caresses from the light of the Regen LEDCare. Jet Lag, lack of energy, stress becomes things of the past.  The Regen LEDCare allows you to complete your day with enthusiasm.

When life leaves you so little time.

The Regen LEDCare allows your body to take a well-deserved rest. The skin receives a jolt of vital energy which stimulates collagen production while muscles and joints enjoy a regenerating massage. You will feel the benefits after the first treatment, you will have a renewed energy and enjoy a deeper rest.





More than a simple dose of energy.

No one can deny the benefits of the Regen LEDCare on the body and spirit. People with atypical schedules, frequent travelers and workers logging long hours will feel the positive effects of a light break from the Regen LEDCare right from the first session. See for yourself how the Regen LEDCare can give you an advantage in your daily life.




Ask your Spa or health center for LEDCare products